Breakfast on the Volma

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This plot of the exposition, "Breakfast on the Volma", is intended to show Ch. Soutine’s affection for his native places, the Belarusian land. The Volma River and Smilovichi always remain in the thoughts of Ch. Soutine, returning him to his childhood. Then he had to leave his native places, first to Minsk, and then to Western Europe. At the same time, the images testify to the boundless regret of the time when he admired the unique landscapes of his native nature.

When creating this homage “A Woman Entering the Water” (1931), “Little Donkey” (1934), “Woman on a Red Sofa” (1916), “Leaning woman "(1937)," Still life with violin, bread and fish "(1922), "A woman stretched out under a tree" (1934) were used.