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This plot of our exposition closing the theme of the Jewish cemetery is called "Remembrance" - this is a day of remembrance for the departed ancestors. At the same time, this work is one of the most difficult due to the multitude of portrait components on it. The presented panel contains characters from the famous Ch. Soutine`s paintings in an amazing plot: "A woman lying on a red sofa" (1916); "The Girl in Red" (1919); "Madame X" (1919); "Portrait of Moses Kisling" (1919-1920); "The Green Dress" (1921-1922); "Self-portrait of Amadeo Modiliani" (1919); "Self-portrait of Chaim Soutine" (1922); "Eve" (1928); "Returning from school after a thunderstorm" (1939); "Landscape" (1918).

According to the plot, all the heroes came to the ancient Jewish cemetery to remember the namesake brother of Ch. Soutine, he had never seen but always remembered. Ch. Soutine`s brother was born a year earlier, but died suddenly, and his name - Chaim - passed to the master of Jewish painting. According to Jewish tradition, visitors to the Jewish cemetery did not bring flowers with them. Instead, new stones were laid on the grave, the name Chaim was laid out.