Self-portrait in the mirror

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The title of the third plot is “Self-portrait in the Mirror”. The theme begins with a meeting of the main characters of Ch. Soutine’s paintings at a common table at the mirror in Smilovichi. To create this plot the great works "Self-portrait" (1922) and "Eve" (1928) were used. The artist himself sits beside the mirror, where his self-portrait is reflected. The composition is complemented with a table. The newspaper "Smilovichi byliny" is lying on the table. In addition, the plot contains the traditional felt boots produced by the Smilovichi factory as a symbol that emphasizes the artist’s belonging to the Smilovichi land. Ch. Soutine’s belonging to the Jewish nationality is indicated by the placement of Jewish symbols on the tablecloth, emphasizing the birth of a new life or a new stage in master`s сreative work.