Dead end of fate

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The thirteenth plot of the story is called "Dead End of Destiny". The story continues with the description of the life of "the poor girl in the crumpled apron" from the twelfth story. 
The panel depicts an adult woman who is sitting in deep contemplation, recalling her past life, which was not at all the way her girlish dreams had pictured it. She sits among the suspended carcasses of meat, with scarlet blood dripping down them, on the same wooden barrel beside which the young beauty's adulthood had once begun. The heavy thoughts visible on her face are visually drawn in, transported to memories associated with the little Jewish boy Chaim. 
The descended soul of the future artist was condemned to a hard fate and an endless stay in ugliness, which Sutin, with his delicate sensual nature, was able to display on his canvases. 
The skinned carcasses exposed to the viewer are both awe-inspiring and repulsive. After all, God has created everything perfect: a perfectly young body, a perfectly living thing. The young artist, continuing his search for the ideal in the creation of the Higher Spirit, crosses the boundary of the living and finds magnificence in the dead. Showing the unfolded carcasses of animals, he seeks to tell of an amazing "jewel box" even after death. 
The not-young woman "goes over" with her gaze the bright drops of blood that have spread in clusters over the suspended carcass. She considers them with tenderness and warmth for the past like jewels: scarlet rubies, red spinels, burgundy garnets, all like the dreams so quickly passed, in which the young girl lived. She rejoiced every day, saturated with the expectation that her cherished wish for the innermost things was about to come true. 
Years passed, next to the barrel on which her father sat, then her husband, and now she too is living out her days. Life comes to an end, the body's frailty suppresses the desire to live. Her soul groans and cries out - her dreams ended without fulfilment, an inescapable reality remains ... What will be tomorrow? Will it ever come for her...
 One day, in a fluke, life turns its other side - the bright Fortune - and brings the unhappy hero to fame. Tired soul, accustomed to look for beauty in the ugly, could not change, and the old woman continues to come back to where it began her journey in the world, continuing to live the memories of the past. Very soon all memories will cut off where they began. Dead end of destiny.