The road to eternity

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The last plot of the exposition, called "The Road to Eternity", symbolizes the artist’s difficult life. It is based on Ch. Soutine`s "The Red Staircase at Cana" (1923). At the same time the prototypes of the main characters were ordinary people who were close to Chaim and who played a certain role in his fate. He accepted them into his life in order to capture on his canvases or share his fate with them ...

When creating the homage H. Soutine`s "Self-portrait" (1922), "Mad Woman" (1919), "Cellist" (1916), "Le Rouquin" (1917-1919). ), "Eve" (1928), "Russian" (1917), "Woman in Red" (1923-1924), "Young Man in a Small Hat" (1916), "Mad" ( 1919), "Leaning Woman" (1937) were used.

In the background of the composition, one can see the Eiffel Tower and the Moniuszko-Vankovich Palace in Smilovichi. They “rattle” under the weight of the past years. In 1913, Ch. Soutine leaves the territory of the Russian Empire and Belarus and goes to France. The Eiffel Tower has fallen, which symbolizes the conquest of Paris by H. Soutine and the recognition of his works. The last path of the master is staircase leading to the gates of the last monastery. The persons “standing along the road” are the people most dear to him, who came to “live” his last journey with him.