Homage to the spiritual home of Father Chagall No. 8

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The panel depicts the Vitebsk synagogue, which was attended by Mark Zakharovich Chagall and his father. The dilapidated building barely breathes, it seems that if you look at it with heaviness, it will certainly collapse. The chosen stone for the synagogue is light brown travertine, faded in some places with distant sadness, and in many cracked. A color that has faded long ago makes you feel empty, forgotten sadness and longing for the spiritual home of your father. Looking at the work as a whole, you can feel a twofold feeling: in the foreground, everything is so easy, in light beige shades, as in the distant childhood of little Mark, and in the volumetric openings of the windows you can even peep how the candles are burning next to the Torah, how they enter the Abode adults and children. In the background of the panel, a heavy sky appears, as if enveloped in the cobweb of the past, which makes one think about old wounds. Chagall with sadness and great gratitude recalls his father, childhood, youth, a distant but so close small homeland - about Vitebsk.


Combining several varieties of onyx and marble


Gilding material, semi-precious onyx, Italian marble


71 x 71 cm / average 30 kg