Homage to the spiritual home of Father Chagall No. 3

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In the foreground, next to the synonym of M. Chagall's childhood, the Vitebsk Synagogue, stands an adult artist with his first love, the very thought of which makes him soar. However, this love is not only for a woman, it goes in perfect tandem with the love for his native and so far away Vitebsk. This city has always remained for the artist a lost small homeland, which he dreamed of all his life, but where he could not return. Memories of his father, of the Vitebsk synagogue – all this gave him strength, inspiration, with which Mark could create his wonderful paintings. His native synagogue is a reference point that has always remained in his heart, where the young genius often returned in his dreams.



Combining several varieties of onyx and marble


Gilding material, semi-precious onyx, Italian marble, travertine


71 x 71 cm / average 30 kg