Homage to the spiritual home of Father Chagall No. 1

Price: $51000

Looking at the presented panel made of semiprecious onyx, you can immediately feel the impending spring storm, which everyone is waiting for at the beginning of spring, the fragrance after which will take all thoughts to childhood, so bright and carefree that it is cherished in the memory of every adult.

The magnificent fine work in the details of the Vitebsk Synagogue is striking in its parallelism with modernity. Amazing stone-yellow travertine accurately conveys the state of the walls, destroyed by time. From the dilapidated synagogue, there is still a feeling of inner warmth that Chagall Jr. once experienced. This synagogue became his first spiritual home, to which his father brought him, where the spiritual formation of one of the great artists took place.

The partially collapsed window masonry creates a sense of the real depth of the stone, and it seems that if you look closely and get closer, you can look inside and get into Mark's childhood memories, and you will see a small curly-haired boy with bright black eyes, who enters the "spiritual house of the father" by the hand of the pope.

It is very symbolic that the couple in love flies over the Vitebsk synagogue, which, as if without parting, is connected in the adult period of Mark's life with strong threads of memory, with childhood, with the feelings that were born when Mark stood with his father in the Vitebsk synagogue: that everything unusual in his life is still ahead and the Lord himself will guide and protect.

The figures of Chagall Jr. and his beloved wife Bella are made of amazing marble in texture and color. Matched in color, this beautiful stone next to the symbolic clothing of the Jews mentally connects Mark with his childhood, spent in the Vitebsk monastery on the street "Revolyutsionnaya, 12".

The synagogue stands on lush green grass, as bright as crystal memories of the old Vitebsk, and there is no place for the new sprawling Vitebsk in the images of Chagall.

The amazing sky, as if cut through by storm tracks, it feels like it is about to explode in a bright flash and crumble in its fragility. A magnificent dove carrying a golden sprig of olive, as a memory of the life of the Jewish people, their trials and again a life built next to the ruins, but retaining the former warmth of the spiritual home of the small homeland.

The impressive marble frame, the color of grass after a thunderstorm, shows us that as if there is a continuation of this story, the plot does not end with what is presented on the panel, but goes further, expanding, like time, with bright paths-veins of natural stone.

The panel combines everything that is surprisingly fresh and washed, like after a rain, warm and close to each of us: touching memories of our parents, the first spiritual experience, the first love, such a tart sense of closeness with our lost small homeland and, of course, the desire to be happy.


Combining several varieties of onyx and marble


Gilding material, semi-precious onyx, Italian marble, travertine


71 x 71 cm / average 30 kg